VC University LIVE Scholarship

Before applying for the Venture Forward Scholarship, please read the following instructions carefully to learn:

  • Whether you are eligible for the scholarship.
  • The application requirements and deadlines.
  • How to make your application the strongest it can be.

Venture Forward Scholarship

Since VC University launched in 2019, Venture Forward has awarded full scholarships to at least 10% of each cohort. Thanks to the financial support of several donors*, we’ve recently been able to expand the number of full scholarships awarded.

VC University LIVE at UNC Scholarship Sponsors

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*If you are interested in supporting Venture Forward’s scholarship or mentorship efforts, please email Maryam Haque at [email protected].

VC University LIVE at UNC

Due to the ongoing public health conditions, VC University LIVE at UNC will be held virtually. The scholarship application for VC University LIVE at UNC is now closed.

Program Dates

Monday, June 14 – Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

VC University LIVE Audience

VC University LIVE at UNC is open to anyone interested in emerging company finance, including entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, attorneys and more. This LIVE program may be particularly relevant to those with a connection to the Raleigh-Durham, NC region, but it will provide value to anyone interested in the topic. The course and the scholarship are NOT limited to college students / any specific age group.

Program Cost

Tuition for VC University LIVE is $1200. Alumni from UC Berkeley, alumni from the host university, and employees of NVCA member firms are eligible for a 20% discount on tuition (only one discount may be applied). Venture Forward is also proud to offer a limited number of full and partial scholarships to cover the cost of tuition for qualified candidates.

Scholarship Timeline

VC University LIVE at UNC

  • Mon. Mar. 8, 2021: Scholarship application opens
  • Fri. Mar. 26, 2021: Deadline to apply for scholarship
  • Fri. Apr. 16, 2021: Scholarship recipients notified & response requested
  • Mon. Apr. 19, 2021: General Registration opens
  • Mon. Jun. 14 – Wed. Jun. 16, 2021: VC University LIVE at UNC takes place

Scholarship Criteria

Please review this section carefully.

To determine whether you are qualified and competitive candidate for the Venture Forward Scholarship to VC University LIVE:

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible, applicants MUST meet the following criteria.

Without exception, applicants must:

  • Currently reside in the United States.
  • Specifically intend to pursue a career in VC.
  • Specifically intend to pursue a VC career in, and focused on, the United States.
  • Submit a complete application by the deadline (see Timeline section).
  • Cannot have previously completed a VC University ONLINE or LIVE course.

If you do not meet all of these criteria, you are not eligible for a scholarship.

Evaluation Criteria

The strongest applications are those that clearly communicate that they meet the following evaluation criteria. This scholarship is intended to support candidates who:

  • Are part of a demographic group that is historically underrepresented in venture capital (e.g. by race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, geography, veteran status, etc.)
  • Are committed to expanding opportunity for others who are historically underrepresented and underestimated.
  • Would significantly benefit from a structured introduction and exploration of technical VC concepts and the industry landscape.
  • Would otherwise be unable to participate due to the cost.
  • Complete the application in a deliberate, thoughtful manner.

The most competitive applicants are those that strongly align with all these criteria, and who clearly communicate the ways they meet these criteria on their application.

Additional Considerations

In addition to the eligibility and evaluation criteria, here are some further things to consider:

  • Connection to Region: We give special consideration to scholarship candidates who have a meaningful connection to the program region, e.g. those who live or conduct business locally. In this case, special consideration will be awarded to those who have a connection to the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina region.
  • Career Goals: While we understand that many people would meaningfully benefit from participating in VC University, the scholarship is for candidates who specifically intend to pursue careers in venture capital, in the United States. If you do not specifically intend to pursue a career in VC, or you intend to pursue an internationally-focused career in VC, you will not be awarded a scholarship.
  • Financial Need: This scholarship is intended for students who would otherwise be prohibited from participating by the cost. If you’re already working for a VC firm or a related company, we strongly encourage you to ask your employer to subsidize the cost of tuition as a professional development investment. If this is a possibility for you, please pursue this route before applying for a scholarship. Feel free to use this template to help draft your request.
  • Previous Applications: If you previously applied but were not awarded a scholarship, you are strongly encouraged to reapply, provided you carefully review the criteria first. Sometimes, stellar candidates require several attempts to craft a strong and compelling application. There’s no penalty for reapplying.
  • Additional Outreach: We do not accept recommendations or supplemental outreach as part of our consideration process; scholarship applicants are evaluated solely on the strength of the information provided on the application. Please do not send any additional communications beyond the application, as they will not be considered.


The application takes approximately 30 minutes. It has 3 main sections:

  • Personal Information – Contact Info, Location, etc.
  • Short-Answer Questions – 3-4 Short-answer questions, listed below.
  • Demographic Information – Gender, race/ethnicity, financial need, etc.

The short-answer section includes 3 mandatory short-answer questions, and one optional question (100 words or fewer):

  • WHAT inspired you to pursue a career in venture capital?
  • WHAT are your professional goals, and how would this program support those goals?
  • HOW do you intend to support underrepresented investors and founders?
  • (OPTIONAL) Do you participate in any community-building / volunteer / mentorship / public service activities?

The strongest applications are those that effectively demonstrate that you meet the scholarship criteria, and that answer the questions clearly and concisely. Please try to keep your answers focused and specific. Avoid going on tangents, or giving answers that are vague or overly broad.

The optional question is a good opportunity to demonstrate ways you’ve acted to support marginalized communities, or for those who aren’t yet working in/around venture capital, it’s an opportunity to show ways you’re engaging with the startup and VC community.

Candidates will see a confirmation page once the application has been successfully submitted. There will not be a follow-up confirmation email.