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Get practical training on venture finance for entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys, and anyone else interested in emerging company finance.

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What is VC University?

VC University is the definitive online course in venture finance. Participants will learn the nuts and bolts of venture and earn a certificate of completion. Course components include lectures, conversations with leading venture capitalists, interactive activities, and networking.

  • Self-paced, online course with live virtual office hours, webinars, and alumni network
  • 10-week recommended schedule (access to course platform for 5 months)
  • Perfect for professionals new to venture capital and practitioners who want to reinforce their understanding of venture fundamentals!

Who should participate?

Anyone looking to unlock their venture finance skills, including entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, fund managers, attorneys and more.


Online, self-paced. Complete the majority of the requirements (approx. 20 hours of content) on your own schedule.

Upcoming Dates

The scholarship application for Cohort 17 (September 2024) is now closed. General registration will open on July 22, 2024.

What to Expect


  • Course Platform — Leverages UC Berkeley’s online course platform to provide a self-paced learning experience.
  • Lunch & Learn Webinars — Monthly live webinars with venture capital thought-leaders.
  • Office Hours & Special Live Sessions — Weekly live virtual office hours with instructors, hosted during the first 8-10 weeks of the course, in addition to special sessions hosted by Aumni, PitchBook, Tome, and WilmerHale.
  • Complimentary PitchBook access for 3 months.
  • Participant and Alumni Network — Gain access to our VC University Slack workspace (for current and past cohorts)

Course Curriculum

The VC University certificate course features 5 modules. Each module consists of a mix of lectures, investor perspectives, exercises, and/or assessments:

  • Venture Fund Fundamentals — Explores how venture funds are structured and managed.
  • Startup Fundamentals — Covers how venture-backed companies are formed, managed, and funded.
  • Venture Deal Fundamentals — Addresses the terms, processes, and structures that drive venture financings.
  • Modeling Venture Deals — Utilizes case studies and capitalization table exercises to illustrate the economics of venture finance.
  • Advanced Topics in Venture Capital — Examines issues like public policy, corporate venture, investor governance, venture capital careers, valuations, and more.

Program Dates

Cohort 16 (June 2024)

  • March 11: Scholarship application opens
  • March 22: Deadline to apply for a scholarship
  • April 12: Scholarship recipients notified and response requested
  • April 15: General registration opens
  • June 3: Cohort 16 of VC University begins
  • June 5-12: Sign-up window for the mentorship program
  • June 28: Cohort 16 mentorship program eligibility checkpoint
  • August: Cohort 16 mentorship program begins
  • August: Scholarship Office Hours begin
  • November 4: Cohort 16 concludes

Cohort 17 (September 2024)

  • June 10: Scholarship application opens
  • June 14: Deadline to apply for a scholarship
  • July 19: Scholarship recipients notified and response requested
  • July 22: General registration opens
  • Sept. 3: Cohort 17 of VC University begins
  • Oct. 4: Cohort 17 mentorship program eligibility checkpoint
  • Nov.: Cohort 17 mentorship program begins 
  • Dec.: Scholarship Office Hours begin
  • Feb. 3, 2025: Cohort 17 concludes


Stats at a Glance


VC University sold-out cohorts since launch in 2019


total participants


full scholarships awarded


Scholarships are available by application for new or aspiring VC investors from underrepresented backgrounds. Learn more.

The scholarship application for Cohort 17 (September 2024) is now closed.

Scholarship Sponsors

Tuition & Discounts

General tuition is $1,850 per participant. General registration for Cohort 17 (September 2024) will open on July 22, 2024.

UC Berkeley alums and NVCA members receive a 20% discount*. Group rates are available. Only one discount may be applied, and codes cannot be retroactively applied. Contact [email protected] for discount codes before registering.

Participant Testimonials

VC University provided the knowledge and connections I needed to break into the VC world. The structured approach and mentorship program were like having a trusted relative in venture, offering guidance every step of the way, ensuring I was on the right path to success. My experience with VC University has gotten me to where I am today in my career.

Aya Spencer

Associate, Kapor Capital

VC University was crucial to my development as a professional space technologies investor. The program provided invaluable knowledge, a supportive network, and resources that would have been otherwise inaccessible as I transitioned into venture capital. Inspired to give back to the community, I mentor industry newcomers and actively engage with aspiring and seasoned VC peers.

Sidney Nakahodo

Founder & General Partner, Seldor Capital

VC University was instrumental in my understanding of the VC landscape and enhancing my technical skills, from understanding complex cap tables to analyzing non-standard term sheets. I gained invaluable insights into fund management and relationship building. The program’s emphasis on practical exercises and networking opportunities, including the mentorship program, has continued to benefit me in my career.

Lyncy Nyandoche

Analyst, Amex Ventures

VC University guided me on my transition from strategic consulting to venture capital. I was drawn to the program’s scholarship aspect, which provided mentorship and close engagement with VC investors. In addition to the networking, I gained knowledge of technical skills I use today, ranging from how to navigate equity deals, cap tables, and underwriting. I also love the program’s efforts promoting greater representation in VC community, which just added to the overall experience.

Su Chuen Foo

Associate, Avivar Capital

VC University is a fantastic program and prepared me for my journey into venture capital with industry guidance and actionable day-to-day insights. VC University’s inclusive approach and diverse community made it possible for individuals like me, who didn’t fit the typical mold, to thrive. I’m proud to have been part of a program that values representation and fosters opportunities for all.

Daniel Dart

General Partner, Rock Yard Ventures

Joining VC University was important for me because it was the first time I felt truly represented in the industry, particularly among women and people of color. The peer-to-peer community of fund managers, coupled with amazing mentorship and resources, has been instrumental in building my network, especially as a non-coastal investor and entrepreneur in Denver. I’m grateful for the mentorship, office hours, and course content provided by VC University, which have all contributed to my professional growth and success.

Virginia Chau


VCU was a life-changing experience for me. The program brought my knowledge, skills, and passion for the startup and investing ecosystem to the next level. With skills and insight obtained while attending VCU, I was able to advance my career and eventually get hired by one of my dream jobs. If you’re waiting to apply, stop hesitating! Jump in. This program is absolutely worth it.

Alex Medick

Head of Marketing, TensorWave

The course was a valuable learning experience because it challenged my thinking regarding venture capital finance principles. I have really improved my knowledge in this field. I like how it enabled me to interact with staff, fellow students, and our designated mentors, and the relationships I have maintained post-course have been invaluable. It has also given me the confidence to pursue opportunities in venture capital, which have already proved fruitful.

Loleta Robinson, MD, MBA

President & CEO, Fortis Industries, LLC

VC University drew on knowledge from a range of investors and lawyers to build a rigorous course on company formation and development. The curriculum balanced technical information with legal aspects of company formation (IP protection, fiduciary duties, etc.), and was complemented by lunch and learns with industry leaders. I was fortunate to take the course with a number of colleagues; going through the course with a team made it all the more fun!

Morgan Mahlock

Director, Cerberus Capital Management

VC University gave me the tools to understand venture and startup financing in a relatable way. As former Director of LatinSF, I worked with 100+ Latin American startups raising funds in the Bay Area. I had empirical knowledge of the process, but zero academic understanding. The legal, technical, and fund nuance info I needed were covered through the course curriculum plus the invaluable office hours and lunch sessions held by top-notch VC’s. They addressed my real industry questions I couldn’t find in podcasts or books.

Jolynn Vallejo

Chief of Staff, Kapor Capital

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Instructors and Guest Speakers

VC University incorporates lectures and interviews with faculty from UC Berkeley, executives from NVCA and Venture Forward, and leading venture capitalists.

Sandip Agarwala

Blue Owl Capital - Managing Director

Vikram Bajaj

Foresite Capital - Managing Director

Robert Bartlett

University of California, Berkeley - Professor

Sarah Bhagat

Sofinnova Investments - General Partner

Jeff Clavier

Uncork Capital - Founder & Managing Partner

Nadia Dugal

Tome - Co-Founder

Jeff Farrah

National Venture Capital Association - General Counsel

Justin Field

National Venture Capital Association - Senior VP of Government Affairs

Joseph Floyd

Emergence Capital - General Partner

Bobby Franklin

National Venture Capital Association - President & CEO

Lili Gangas

Kapor Center - Chief Technology Community Officer

Jan Garfinkle

Arboretum Ventures - Founder & Managing Partner

Aziz Giliani

Mercury Fund - Managing Director

Josh Greene

Mohr Davidow Ventures - VP, Corporate Development & Administration at Carbon 3D

Maryam Haque

Venture Forward - Executive Director

Charles Hudson

Precursor Ventures - Founder and Managing Partner

Maha Ibrahim

Canaan - General Partner

Partner & COO

Goodwater Capital - General Counsel

James Joaquin

Obvious Ventures - Co-Founder & Managing Director

Deborah Kang

Zscaler - Senior Product Counsel

Dan Kidle

Arboretum Ventures - Principal

Amit Kumar

Accel - Partner

Scott Kupor

Andreessen Horowitz - Managing Partner

Kate Mitchell

Scale Venture Partners - Co-Founder and Partner

Patricia Nakache

Trinity Ventures - General Partner

Will Price

Next Frontier Capital - Founder & General Partner

Renata Quintini

Renegade Partners - Co-Founder & Managing Director

Glenn Rieger

NewSpring Capital - General Partner

Jordan Rigberg

J.P. Morgan - Executive Director, Innovation Economy Debt Solutions

Charlotte Savercool

National Venture Capital Association - Director of Government Affairs

John Somorjai

Salesforce - Executive VP of Corporate Development and Salesforce Ventures

Otello Stampacchia

Omega Funds - Managing Director

Adam Sterling

Berkeley Law - Assistant Dean

Santi Subotovsky

Emergence Capital - General Partner

Lolita Taub

NextGen Venture Partners - Venture Partner

Kate Walsh

Silicon Valley Bank - Managing Director

Cindy Xiong

Foresite Capital - Senior Investment Analyst

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Other Ways to Get Involved

If you’re interested in supporting VC University as a scholarship sponsor, Lunch & Learn speaker, mentor, or in some other way, please contact [email protected].

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